Deportivo Lake Mary FC Vs Sportsparadize SA

This match preview will be aimed at the game taking place during the UPSL 2021 Fall Season between Deportivo Lake Mary FC and Sports paradize SA on the 17th of November.

This very match will be taking place at Lake Mary High School, which stands as the home ground for Deportivo Lake Mary FC.

Deportivo Lake Mary FC – Overview


The 2021 fall season has come to an end for Deportivo lake mary FC, as they play their last match of the season against Sportsparadize SA in the southeast conference of the Florida central premier division.

The season has nowhere been ideal for the players or the fans. As the team ends up in the lower bracket of 3 teams yet again. Finishing 8th on the points table.


The last match was especially a big blow to the hopes of finishing mid-table, after playing all 10 games. As the team took a beating of 2-8 at home against Nona Academy FC adding to their 3 games losing streak.

Lake mary did manage to register shots on target and create from wider areas but it was all too little as the opposition kept coming back to score. The defensive transitions and over-dependence on Jean Mickenson have cost them all 3 points again which has been a consistent theme throughout the season.

Deportivo Lake mary will go up against Sportsparadize SA who find themselves in a similar spot as their last win came about 3 months ago. After which they’ve been on a losing streak too.

But unlike Lake marry they do have 4 games in hand and a chance to push for a mid-table finish also. Whereas lake marry have only 1 game left meaning they might slip up even further.

A win here against sportsparadize SA would mean that Lake marry might be able to solidify the 8th spot, a slight upgrade from last season’s 9th. And head coach Alfredo Forero will do everything in his power to make sure it happens. Because once this season is over there are plenty of questions left concerning restructuring the defense and perhaps even starting from scratch in that area.

Sports Paradize SA Overview


Six games played and just one draw from it, Sportsparadize have been a little too far from the taste of a winning cocktail for the majority of the 2021 Fall season. Their playstyle has not been clear from the start itself, and it shows in the results too.

The team has been playing a mix of passive defensive and low intensity attacking football in all their games so far. It seems they either don’t trust the coach’s instructions or immediately change the entire approach after a slight slip up in the match.

This could be seen in the practice in their last game against Gainseville city where it seemed like the players had no idea how to stretch the pitch while attacking or press during the defensive transitions.

Deportivo lake marry have been the better of the two sides here. Because the team trusts in the tactical philosophy of their head coach. However, they’ve had problems translating it onto the pitch as well but at least they have a system they stick to.

A win against Lake mary would of course see the morale lifted and a much needed 3 points that could almost rejuvenate their season.


Deportivo Lake Marry vs Sports Paradize SA


Both teams have not been able to tap into their best versions this season. And unfortunately, the morals are down at both camps. While Sportsparadize has a chance to rejuvenate enthusiasm with a win here, I’d say Lake mary would need it more because of what’s at stake for them


In terms of the playstyles and tactical superiorities, lake mary have a good chance to outplay their opponents and finish the season on a positive note. Whatever happens, after the game is not in their control but, what happens out there most definitely is.

As usual, we will tune in via Facebook live to give our full support to the lake mary boys. Make sure you do the same and don’t miss out on what is perhaps the most important fixture of the season for this team.


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