Deportivo Lake Mary FC Vs Oceanway FC – Match Preview

Saturday 14th August 2021 : 12 PM ET : Lake Mary high school

A fresh start is what our own deportivo lake marry will be looking for as they host Oceanway FC in the first game of the new 2021 Fall Season of UPSL Premier Division.

The fixture will take place at Lake Mary High School which is the home ground for Deportivo Lake Mary FC.

Deportivo Lake Mary FC – Overview

Deportivo Lake Mary will be coming into this match with a win in the preparation session against Atletico Orlando with a scoreline of 2-1.

The match was a part of a grilling preseason campaign : The Regional Cup as it took place last thursday. Keeping in mind the tough opponents in the first fixture of the 2021 fall season.

Lake Mary had a bit of a roller coaster last season. Where they witnessed the worst overall finish since the club’s inception. We’ve discussed it in detail in our season recap .

But it was mostly the injuries that kept haunting the team’s winning form.

Which is why a win over a strong opposition in Oceanway FC would do them a world of good. Especially for those returning from the injuries and the fresh signings.

As we hope the coaching staff and players have had ample of time to rest and do a thorough analysis of their strengths and weaknesses ahead of the fall season. And the fan’s expectations too.

Deportivo Lake Mary FC – Beginning of the New Season

The first fixture of the 2021 fall season is important for more than one reason. It’s obvious that each team would like to start their respective journeys on a winning horse. But for deportivo the opportunity is for redemption too.

A win would definitely help the players and fans recover from the 8-2 beating they took at the hands of Oceanway FC.

But that will only happen if the hosts have tightened not just some screws but the whole machinery. Meaning the team will have to keep their heads into the game for the whole of 90 minutes.

Because Oceanway FC is a team which is full of proactiveness & aggression. They have the ability to counter attack their opposition at a fast pace. They have the players who can change the course of the game at any given point of the match which is why it will be difficult for the Lakes to stop them.

Their midfield is energetic, committed and plays a pacey football.

However It should be noted that our own lake mary FC are in high spirits too. With new signings showing promising signs and the defensive solidity of preseason the team has plenty to build upon and get excited about.

Like last season the team will be led by their star player and Number 10 Filipe hurtado.

To feel the pressure at big stages is natural and very human. But what’s not acceptable is forgetting the game plan set out by one of the most technically sound head coaches in UPSL :  Alfredo Forero who also happens to be the club founder.

And that’s exactly what the team will need to do to take the maximum points out of this fixture.

We expect an entertaining and well fought clash between the two super competitive sides. As always all our support and cheers are with lake mary boys and we hope to start the season on a high note!

Make sure to tune into the live stream of the match over at Facebook live at — GMT.

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