Deportivo Lake Mary FC VS OFC Barca- Match Preview

The first game of September brings Deportivo Lake Mary face to
face with OFC Barca. Now Lakes heads into the fixture coming
straight from a 3:1 loss they suffered in the last match against OC
This is going to be the fourth game of the season for deportivo
Lake Mary FC and after the last loss they must win this one to
make their position strong in the mid table ranks.
Deportivo Lake Mary:
Deportivo Lake Mary has experienced a complete roller coaster
ride from a close loss 1:2 loss against Oceanway FC to a strong
win of 3:0 from Rovers and then an unexpected loss of 3:1 against
OC Academy.
However Lakes have dramatically changed since the last season
in terms of their approach to a match. And they will surely give a
tough competition to OFC Barca. But a win here is more
important for Deportivo lake mary since the team has failed to
convince due to inconsistency in the beginning fixtures.

And a strong performance here will surely do well for the team
as us fans,
We expect to see a strong lineup led by filipe hurtado from coach
Alfredo Forero, who will have made the lake marry boys aware of
the well balanced opposition in OFC barca. A team that currently
sits 2nd in the league table.
And the lakes are not taking this game lightly at all and have got
themselves prepared and motivated to fight back with full
enthusiasm and also weighed their strength and weakness ahead
of the match to give their fans an end to end battle!
Deportivo Lake Mary FC VS OFC Barca
The match on 11 th september with OFC Barca takes our boys to
Montverde academy away from home, making a win all the more
rewarding. And as fans we will make sure to cheer and support
the lake mary boys.
Even though the last match was a loss, it's time for redemption,
and what better way to do it than getting all 3 points against a
strong team like OFC Barca. All we have to do is play to our
OFC Barca: Overview:
OFC Barca come into this match after successfully marking a
start to yet another strong season where scoring seems so easy

for them ; Proof of which are back to back 6-0 and 6-1
scorelines in the only 2 fixtures they’ve played so far.
They also have one of the strongest defences of the league. An
interesting battle between two solid defensive sides. There is no
denying that our upcoming opponents are a powerhouse.
But the same can also be a motivation for Lake Mary boys to
prepare better and work even harder. They know that this match
is against the very best and there is no scope of mistake. It will
demand blood sweat and lots of focus.
This season is long and anything can happen over the course of
remaining games. We expect to see an entertaining and tough
fight between the two competitive sides. And as always we
support Our Lake Mary boys to win and set standards by obeying
to the game plan set by their coach Alfredo Forero.
Make sure to tune into the live stream of the match over at
Facebook live at—GMT.

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