Deportivo Lake Mary FC VS OFC Wolves FC – Match Preview

18th september 2021 : East Orange District Park : GMT : Weather forecast – Rainy
This match preview will be talking about a qualifier game in the U.S Open Cup
taking place between Deportivo Lake Mary and OFC Barca on the 18th of
September. This is a qualifier game that will have an impact in determining
whether Deportivo Lake Mary competes in the U.S Open cup.
The next match will be taking place at Lake Mary High School which stands as the
home ground for Deportivo Lake Mary FC.
Deportivo Lake Mary FC – Overview
The league season so far has been an absolute rollercoaster for Deportivo Lake
Mary. The team started off with a narrow loss, then a deserving win, and now have
finished their most recent match, which was a loss by a landslide.
The most recent match was a clean-swept loss against OFC Barca, the opposing
team taking the victory with a 7-0 score. Lake Mary now goes into their next
match against OFC Wolves.
Lake Mary definitely took a loss like never before. While it may understandably
press down on the players' spirits, it can also be easily redeemed due to Lake
Mary's incredible potential.
With the recent injuries that the team has suffered, along with the fact that OFC
Barca have proven to be a dominant force in recent seasons, we can definitely cut
the boys at Lake Mary some slack. Setbacks are natural and this should just act as a
learning opportunity for the entire team.
The players and the coaches have probably reflected on where they went wrong
and how they can improve in the next match, patching up their weaknesses and
focusing on their strengths. Ample rest and analysis of their next opposing team,
OFC Wolves, are critical in ensuring a positive outcome in the upcoming match.
Deportivo Lake Mary FC vs OFC Wolves

With just about a decent run throughout this season, it is important for Lake Mary
to bring home a win, to make their rankings throughout the season look brighter, to
raise the team's morale, and also please their and hopefully awaiting fans.
Every player needs to be in their A-Game and work as a well-oiled machine like
never before to steal a win against the very daunting OFC Wolves, which is going
to take a lot of contribution from the coaches' side with regards to the tactical
approaches in-game.
Using fire against fire should be Lake Mary's first priority: the team needs to
counter the OFC Wolves' dominant playstyle with equal amounts of aggression of
their own, which we have clearly seen the boys at Lake Mary show off in previous
matches, which should not be a problem for them to bring out once more.
Just raw aggression isn't enough either. Unlike previous matches, Lake Mary needs
to share their attacking responsibilities and not just rely on a single player to push
through the opposing players for them to effectively tackle OFC Wolves' playstyle.
Wolves' defense is no pushover either; the aggression that Lake Mary needs to
adopt should be swift and skillful enough to break through their defensive prowess
and get in the necessary goals to push against Wolves' scoring potential.
Alfredo Forero, Deportivo Lake Mary's coach and the club's founder, is one of the
best tactical strategists in the entire league and is sure to come up with a solid
blueprint for the team to adhere to that will lead them to the victory that they so
dearly need.
Whatever the outcome turns out to be, what we can surely expect is a well-fought
match between these two powerhouses on the 18th of September that will keep
everybody watching on the edge of their seats!
Make sure to not miss the action by tuning into the live stream over at the facebook
live at —GMT

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