Deportivo Lake Mary FC Vs Orlando Rover FC – Match Preview

21st August : Lake Mary High school : 7:30 PM


The upcoming fixture for Deportivo Lake Mary Fc is against Orlando Rover FC. The match will take place on 21st August. This is going to be the second game of the season for Deportivo Lake Mary FC. Their first game was against Oceanway FC.


Deportivo Lake Mary FC : Overview


Deportivo Lake Mary FC are coming to this fixture after a loss in their opening game against Oceanway FC.


They lost their game with a score line of 1-2 on the day.  For lake marry the start of the season has not been good. It took 23 minutes for Oceanway to score their first goal against the hosts. As the defence was caught napping because no one marked the far post for an incoming cross. Leaving Elhadji Nadiyai open for an easy header.


After the first goal, there were clear signs of low confidence amongst the Lake Mary boys, but they gathered themselves and played really well Until the half time whistle.


They had a tight defence, and forwards were making their way towards the goal and 15 minutes after the half time, they were finally able to get back into the game by equalizing on the 65th minute mark. When a lousy clearance from the Oceanway Fc defence led to a deflection going lake’s way.


Lake Mary’s confidence was visible thereafter. They were working hard and tracking back to take the lead.


But sadly they couldn’t build upon the momentum,  because of their inability to retain the ball longer.


Lake Mary’s center field is facing an issue since their practise matches. And that’s precisely what cost them all 3 points as Oceanway FC scored at the 85th minute of the game with the help of a quick counter that left both the defence and the goalkeeper isolated.


Lake Mary will have to work hard on their center field and don’t be surprised if we see some tough changes in the next fixtures.


After all, the upcoming schedule for Lake Mary looks interesting and action packed as they prepare for the ‘Rivalry week’ where they face both Orlando sides back to back.


With the first fixture against Orlando Rovers FC on 21st August followed by a clash against Orlando City FC on 25th. What a treat for us Fans!


Let us now take a good look at both teams playing styles :



Orlando Rover FC: Overview

Orlando Rovers are a great team but they’ve had a rough spell of their own lately. Drawing against Jacksonville FC and losing 4 matches straight  before that. All of it in the month of June which was a little hard for the team to come out of.


But as they are starting their new season with their first match against Lake Mary FC. They will be further motivated to end their losing streak against what is a rival team in Lake mary FC.


The Play Styles


Lake marry’s defensive and adaptive approach saw a tactical shift as they scored in the 65th minute against Oceanway FC and went out for the win. Their overall approach however remained the same as preseason’s where the fullbacks and the wingers combined to create room in the middle of the opposition Box.


There will have to be a change in the way the team progresses with the ball, because a lack of coordination has cost them a lot lately. Something Orlando Rovers FC are more than capable of both identifying and taking advantage of.


We are expecting some level of change in the starting lineup : mostly in the middle.


Orlando Rover FC: Play Style

Counter attack and a compact defensive block are the two words that perfectly describe our upcoming opponent’s playing style. However the combination hasn’t quite worked in their favour recently because of the inefficiency in cutting out the passing lanes while defending.


Pair that with their lack of collective form in front of goal and you have a team that can be beaten if there is a clear implementation of the game plan.


Orlando rovers will have a balanced lineup where they’d like to put experience and energy out in the starting eleven.



The fixture on 21st August will be an exciting one as Lake Mary will be motivated to bounce back & have their first win of the new season.


On the other hand Orlando Rovers will be planning to start their new season with a win.


For Lake Mary, it is a good opportunity to score a win as they are a strong team on paper compared to their opposition. What happens next only time will tell.


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