Deportivo Lake Mary vs Gainesville FC – Match Preview



This match preview will be aimed at the game taking place during the UPSL 2021 Fall Season between Deportivo Lake Mary FC and Gainesville FC on the 16th of October.

This very match will be taking place at Lake Mary High School, which stands as the home ground for Deportivo Lake Mary FC.

Deportivo Lake Mary FC – Overview

The 2021 Fall Season has not been an easy ride for the boys at Deportivo Lake Mary. The team has seen their fair share of losses as well as ties and wins, and while this is certainly not a bad performance from them this season, it is also not their best.

The 3 matches Lake Mary played last month are a good indicator of where things are in terms of their standings. The team took 2 losses again Oceanway FC and OFC Barca, but then came out strong with a 2-1 win against  Jacksonville FC in their most recent match

Even the losses that the team went through this season weren’t taken without a strong fight, and we need to commend the boys at Lake Mary for that. They show that even against a tough lineup and overpowering offense, they know how to push through and hold their ground.

Their latest win against Jacksonville FC showed their skilful offensive prowess and teamwork. They played like a well-oiled machine and managed to take the win from a formidable club like Jacksonville themselves. Of course, a large part of the credit to their success is attributed to the sound training and tactics provided by the head coach : Alfredo forero

This win has put Deportivo Lake Mary FC at rank 6 in the standings as of now, which is exactly in the middle of the 11 placed ranks that the teams hold currently. The team is performing decently, but needs to pick up speed to avoid being left behind.

Deportivo Lake Mary FC v/s Gainesville FC

Deportivo Lake Mary has been doing well this season, but there is no point in not getting a better rank than where they are now; they certainly don’t want to be stuck at just an average run through the season.

The boys at Lake Mary are going up against Gainesville FC for their next match on the 16th of October, and we are expecting a positive outcome from Lake Mary. Gainesville has not had the best run this season, having only one win among their 4 latest matches, now standing at rank 9, which gives us a positive matchup, at least when it comes to statistics.

Every player needs to put their best foot forward, literally, and pick up more goals by adopting a more offensive playstyle, something that Lake Mary can use more of. Their defensive play can certainly improve solely by simply focusing on their offense, not giving their opposing team a chance to strike.

Lake Mary, more often than not, tends to tunnel all their attacking responsibilities into one player, which turns detrimental. As long as the team remembers to share their offensive pressure to break through Gainesville’s defense, we should be seeing Lake Mary take home the win.

With this hope in our hearts, let us enjoy the adrenaline-fuelled match that is taking place on the 16th of October between Deportivo Lake Mary FC and Gainesville FC and cheer our boys on to victory!

Make sure to tune in via Eleven Sports live to catch the action live at 7PM ET.

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