Deportivo Lake Mary vs CFL GOSA Spurs – Match Preview

This match preview will be aimed at the game taking place during the UPSL 2021Fall Season between Deportivo Lake Mary FC and CFL Gosa Spurs on the 30th of October.

This specific match will be taking place at Lake Mary High School, which stands as the home ground for Deportivo Lake Mary FC.

Deportivo Lake Mary FC – Overview

The boys at Lake Mary have not been pulling their punches (or kicks, rather) in this 2021 Fall Season of the UPSL. While the team has been performing better than they usually have, there certainly is room for improvement and better performance on the field, which will reflect in their rankings.

And speaking of which, Lake Mary has ended up defending their rank 6 spot for a decent amount of time as of now. As you can tell, securing the 6th rank at this point in the Fall season is nothing to scoff at, but there is a lot left to desire from the team as well. Lake Mary needs to accelerate things in their direction to have a better finish to the season.

Lake Mary FC already held the number 6 rank in the standings even before their match with Gainesville on the 16th of October. After the highly-anticipated match, which, however, ended up in a draw, Lake Mary saw themselves simply keeping their position intact for another day.

The win that made the team rise to rank 6 was the match against Jacksonville which took place on the 26th of September, winning 2-1 and making everybody at home proud. The clean sweep loss before that against OFC Barca was, on the other hand, not the best of their matches, which shows the hot-and-cold performance that Lake Mary has been displaying throughout the season.

That being said, I don’t think there are many teams that show the kind of improvement and never-give-up attitude that Lake Mary does, and that leaves us with a lot to hope for in the upcoming matches for this 2021 Fall season.

Deportivo Lake Mary v/s CFL Gosa Spurs

Deportivo Lake Mary FC are certainly going into this next match with Gosa Spurs with a level-headed mindset; having tied with Gainesville in the last match, the boys at Lake Mary surely have the determination to put on a game-winning performance, and are humbled enough to not let any overconfidence get to their heads.

For this upcoming match against CFL Gosa Spurs taking place on the 30th of October, Deportivo Lake Mary FC cannot afford to make sloppy plays. Gosa Spurs have had a strong performance throughout the season and have taken the rank 4 spot on the standings due to it.

What Lake Mary needs is a solid blueprint of the kind of playstyle that they need to adopt to take on the likes of Gosa Spurs. With the kind of aggression that the boys at Lake Mary have been showing recently, it should not be too difficult for them to break through Gosa Spurs’ defense and find the right time to strike.

What gives us faith in the winning capabilities of Lake Mary is the big man at the helm of it all, Alfredo Forero. The team’s coach is highly-skilled and has guided the team to success before, and we have no doubt that he will be able to identify the weaknesses in the Gosa Spurs, share the attacking responsibilities through our team equally, and make sure every player is coached to their maximum potential.

Aren’t you excited? Because we sure are! So you better mark your calendars and tune in for the match of a lifetime between Deportivo Lake Mary FC and CFL Gosa Spurs on October 30th!

Do not forget to come out and support the team.  

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