Deportivo Player Travelling to Europe for Tryouts

Deportivo Lake Mary is a club that is always looking for different ways to give opportunities to all its players. They are not only giving players a chance to play at a high level here in the United States, but also They are always looking for multiple ways to help players develop and start their professional careers overseas.

Deportivo sent Jhohan Caicedo to Finland for a 3 week tryout during the month of December to a pro team that plays in Division 2. Deportivo’s Owner Alfredo Forero said about it ” Here at Deportivo, We try to put the players first. I have seen many players in the Central Florida area waste their talent because the opportunities here in the United States are limited for players to be a pro. This is a challenge that I have taken to heart, because I know all these talented players deserve a chance to prove¬†themselves. I want to open as many doors as possible to all the players that are ready to make that jump to a pro team. That is why Jhojan is right now trying out in Finland. I know he is a solid player that deserved that solid chance. “

Deportivo will be holding tryouts in the month of January to prepared for the 2019 spring season and to look for talented player that want a chance to become a pro.

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