Florida Regional Cup

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of it all: the Florida Regional Cup. While the
tournament was due to begin on the 7-8th of July, it has unfortunately been pushed
back a week due to unfavorable weather.

OFC Barca and Brevard Fire from Central, both top scorers in their respective
divisions, seem to also be the crowd-favorites this time around.

And it happens to be that Deportivo Lake Mary have our first game against
Brevard Fire next week, while playing 3 games cumulatively.
The Florida Regional Cup is an important milestone for Deportivo Lake Mary; as a
new and emerging team, this possible win can give our team the experience,
confidence, and traction that they need, both for the old and new players.

Speaking of new players, Deportivo has two new additions to the team: Angel
Lopez at right-back and Abraham Cisneros at center of the midfield. The new
team members are sure to add mobility in buildups, faster transitions, and pinpoint

The coach wants to see cleaner plays from both, Regular starters and newer players
alike, but is especially expecting top goal-scoring form and overall improvement
in holding the possession better from the captain – our best player – Felipe
Hurtado. Who’s coming off the back of a solid individual season.

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