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You Can’t Spell Challenge without Change, and change is what makes us human!


As deportivo lake mary finished the 2021 spring season in the florida central division of the UPSL after 4 strong years, the time has come to take on a new challenge that sets up the team for the next stage in their playing careers.

Since the club’s inception in 2017 the founder and President Mr Alfredo Forero has always tried to provide the best possible opportunity for the up and coming talent to turn fully pro. And in the same pursuit the club has taken on this exciting new opportunity to play in the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA Nation) from the 2022 season onwards.

But What is NISA?

National Independent Soccer Association is a rapidly growing men’s soccer league in the US that became fully active in 2019 and has been a hub for the brightest talent from remote parts of the US. The league currently comes under the third tier of American soccer, with 14 teams fighting for silverware every single season.

Why NISA Nation?

The motto of NISA matches our own, which is to give mature and semi pro players a proper platform to transform their careers and reach that next level. And to further this objective the association commenced an independent cup competition in 2020 where league teams will face better professional sides  from upper tiers of American soccer based in their regions.


Not just that but they are constantly landing better affiliations as well with similar leagues within the US. The likes of GCPL (Gulf Coast Premier League), MPL ( Midwest Premier League) and EPSL ( Eastern Premier Soccer League) are all already onboard pulling in the same direction and trying to present a solid playing environment for the talent within US soccer.


How does NISA Nation work?


The functioning of a regular NISA Nation season is a lot similar to the UPSL, and since you have followed along for the past 4 years it should be easy to understand. The season is divided into two halves ie; Spring and Fall with 10 matches in each half totalling to 20 matches over the course of a year.


There are also playoffs towards the end of each half and an ultimate Championship Final where the winner of Spring season meets the winner of the fall season.


How does the team feel about this?


There is absolutely no denying the fact that we have a bunch of warriors within the lake mary FC. And they are more excited than ever for a new challenge and of course the opportunity it brings along, fully aware of the sacrifice it will demand from their side too.


But we are more than sure of their levels of commitment and professionalism which has brought them this far and will surely take them a long way forward. And lets not forget at the helm of things the President Alfredo Forero is not just a leader but a good friend too who will give them the best advice for their respective playing careers.


Speaking about the new challenge he said “Well it will just open another path for our players to be scouted by their pro teams from NISA. We already have different partnerships we are working on with clubs in Europe to try out our players. But Our main objective as a club is to provide a legit opportunity to our players to reach the pro level, that is why our roster is young. Everything that we do is for that reason” making it clear that the new league will directly impact the player’s career growth.

Where can I watch all the matches?


NiSA and NISA Nation has partnered up with Eleven sports and bein sports to exclusively telecast all their matches for the upcoming Spring season 2022. So make sure to stay up to date with the schedule and not miss out on the crucial action.








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