Orlando City FC Vs Deportivo Lake Mary FC – Match Preview



25th August 2021 :  Ososceol Heheritag Park : 8 PM ET : South east Conference


The last game of August brings deportivo lake mary face to face with OC Academy 23. As lakes head into the first away fixture for the 2021 fall season coming fesh from a 3-0 demolition of Orlando Rovers FC.


This is going to be the third game of the season for Deportivo Lake Mary FC. And winning this will mean that they cement their preposition amongst the top 3 in the starting fixtures of the season.


Deportivo Lake Mary FC: Overview


Deportivo Lake Mary FC are beginning to show signs of a more complete side as they progress. A clear indicator of which could be the last fixture against Orlando rovers FC, as the tactics and player’s individual excellence resulted in a big 3-0 win against a rival team!


Lakes started dominating the game from the get go. Which resulted in a freekick won around the 8th minute mark. And the excellent strike from the main man Filipe Hurtado flew past the goalkeeper putting Lake mary ahead.


And thereafter lakes played their own game on their own terms pretty much. Looking to seal the match before half time, they did just that with the 25th minute approaching even before Orlando Rovers could realise it, Lake Mary had converted a nice counter attack into a goal.


They marked their victory with the third & the final goal in the 79th minute. Completing a solid performance and giving the coach and fans more than one reason to be happy and excited.


Orlando City FC Vs Deportivo Lake Mary FC


The next match on 25th August takes the lake mary boys away from home as they travel to osceola heritage park to play against Orlando City FC in the rivalry week. A match that’s going to test every aspect of the team’s preparation so far.


The last meeting back in march resulted in a 0-3 loss for us, however It should be noted that a lot of major players of Lake Mary were missing in that game and despite that they were able to stand strong against what is otherwise a team with a clear plan and seamless execution. But a beating would be fresh in the players memory as they look for revenge.


Speaking of which lets talk a little about our upcoming opponents :


OC Academy 23 Overview :


OC Academy 23 is one of the most prominent teams in the championship. They never disappoint when it comes to excitement & unexpectedly brilliant performances. Their solid performance in the 2021 Spring season is a testimony of that.


Their team is coming to this match after a draw in the playoffs against CFL Gosa Spurs. And a brilliant second place finish in the southeast conference of the premier division.


Their defense is strong & it is getting the job done right. It’s pretty much like a wall as they are  cleaning up almost everything till the center field. The only issue the team is facing right now is with the inconsistency from the forwards.


They are not able to score aggressively and hold the ball for longer durations. Lake Mary might benefit from that.


Lake Mary will be motivated to work hard and finish off the “ rivalry week” in style with a win. But it will require them fixing parts of their game as well, a strong win is enough to boost their confidence but that doesn’t mean they have achieved perfection just yet.


The season is long and a lot can happen over the course of the remaining 8 games. Head coach alfredo forero is expected to start the strongest lineup with a few changes midway through the game.


Do tune in via Facebook live and support our very own lake mary boys. VAMOS!

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