Pillars Of Deportivo Lake Mary – Meet The Captains !

The foundation is really the most important part of any structure, be it tangible or intangible. And
for a football club these strong bricks of foundation are its philosophy and principles upon which
the entire club rests.
But the pillars that really bring everything together while transmitting the philosophy to every
small part of the team are its captains that not only communicate the coach's advice or
instructions to the group, but bring them together to make for an impregnable unit!
The captains are always expected to wear the badge and the arm band like a medal of honour.
After all, It's their work ethic and leadership that inspires and uplifts not just their teammates but
most importantly the fans!
And today we are about to introduce you to the three indespensible pillars, leaders or simply the
captains of our very own Deportivo Lake Mary FC for the 2021 – 2022 season.
Gabriel Pavia :
A holding midfielder from venezuela who plays as a pivot and orchestrates both the midfield and
the attacks for deportivo lake marry FC. It's perhaps the best way to describe Gabriel's
leadership skills too, as he likes to be the initiator of every new move that benefits the team
both in and outside of the pitch.
Always trying to help out his teammates understand and implement the game plan better
Gabriel is not the one to shy away from putting his body and soul on the line for his teammates.
Last season the team lacked his master full control and adept communication both on and off
the pitch as he had to stay away from the squad for family related issues. But this season
he’s back! And ready to not just support his teammates but help them win better and
bigger titles by contributing his 100% out on the field.
Filipe Hurtado :
What can we say about our number 10 that hasn’t already been said before. His individual
quality is not in question by any stretch of the imagination, as he proves time and again just how
good a player he is : More than capable of turning the game on its head all by himself.
But it is not his magical dribbling or the seamless passing that goes unnoticed, but what he does
off the ball in terms of motivating and guiding his team mates on the field. The Colombian
genius is always ready to mentor those who are new so they can contribute better.

As he settles for nothing less than a win and it's that simple, he’s spent the last 5
seasons at the club delivering way beyond what's expected of him year after year. Making
him one of the aces for coach Alfredo Forero’s lake mary FC.
And with the new season already underway we would love for our captain to continue his
brilliant form from the last season. And help his team become a more complete side by
contributing on both the sporting and psychological levels!

Manuel Rodriguez :
El Defensa Central – Mr dependable – Gran Muro are some of the most suitable ways to define
our 3rd Captain Manuel Rodriguez. Rock solid in both defence and character manuel is
certainly worth all the respect he’s given by the team and the fans.
He has been with us the longest and is the only current player to have won 2 mayor’s cups with
the team. Manuel has truly seen the lakes through their worst and the best times. And after all
these years he has cemented his place at the core of our defence.
Always demanding more from his teammate and going out of his way to help them in any way
possible. Manuel is in many ways the strongest pillar of that dressing room.
His quality has never been in doubt, as he is a warrior who will give it all for his coach. But a few
injuries and relapses have kept him out of action for the most of last season,making our
defence a little shaky.
But as he makes his return the Lake Mary boys are already feeling the difference, with stellar
defensive performances through the preseason and in the opening fixtures too. It's quite evident
the impact our captain has both on and off the pitch.

A special mention to the commander in chief : Our head coach Mr. Alfredo Forero, who’s level
of commitment and hard work is unparalleled and often goes unnoticed. He likes to remain
behind the scenes, allowing his players to take on all the limelight and guarding them when
things don’t go their way.
Alfredo is undoubtedly one of the most passionate and technically sound coaches in the UPSL.
And his dedication to make this lot ready for not just the game of football but life, actually shows
in the way the team conducts themselves.

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